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Week 8 Taste and psychology

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An infographic of the human body, with the following labels, clockwise, from bottom left, stores, with a double ended arrow going to metabolism (carbohydrate and protein metabolism autoregulated), with an arrow going to output. This arrow then points towards the head of the human body diagram, with hunger labelled inside the head, sight labelled at the front of the head and smell labelled just underneath. An arrow comes out of the mouth and goes to a food intake label with a diagram of a plate of food. From the top right of the diagram, there is the label, sight, smell or even the thought of food triggers the cephalic phase of appetite. An arrow then points to another label; secretion of saliva and gastric juices. This label is above an arrow that points towards the back of the head and comes from two different places, one being from a label that points to the stomach, with the label gastric distention detected by stretch receptors, and the other goes to the bottom of the diagram with the following labels: presence of food in duodenum, release of gut hormones e.g. CCK. The bottom of the diagram has two more labels, absorption (in fat absorption does not reduce hunger) and glucose and amino acids.