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A bar chart with carbohydrate content in mg g-1 (milligrams per gram) dry mass), from 0 to 90 mg g-1 (milligrams per gram) on the vertical axis and month (from October 03 to March 04) on the horizontal axis. The bars are in pairs for each period, blue for starch and orange for sugars. The bar for starch is taller than for sugars in the October and March measurements; the bar for starch is shorter than for sugars in the January measurement. Approximate values of the data are tabulated as: Month – October 03, Label – Just before leaf loss, Starch/mg g-1 – 79, Sugars/mg g1 – 22; Month – January 04, Label – No leaves, Starch/mg g1 – 34, Sugars/mg g1 – 47; Month – March 04, Label – Just before bud break, Starch/mg g1 – 34, Sugars/mg g1 – 24.

 2.10 Glucose