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A picture of the bloom’s taxonomy pyramid with 6 different levels. Starting from the base of the pyramid, the first level is labelled, ‘remember’ a description beside it reads ‘recall facts and basic concepts (i.e. define, duplicate, list, memorise, repeat and state)’. The second level is labelled ‘understand’ a description beside this reads explain ideas or concepts (i.e. Classify, describe, discuss). The third level is labelled ‘apply’. The description beside it reads ‘use information in new situations (i.e. execute, implement, solve and use)’. The fourth level is labelled ‘analyse’ and is labelled ‘draw connections among ideas (i.e. differentiate, organise and relate)’. The fifth level is labelled ‘evaluate’ and has the description of ‘justify a stand or decision (i.e. appraise, argue and defend)’. The sixth and final level is labelled ‘create’. The description reads ‘produce new or original work (i.e. design, assemble or construct’).