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Being an OU student
Being an OU student

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3.3 Face-to-face tutorials

Face-to-face tutorials take place at various locations around the UK.

Some modules will have tutorials available in more locations than others – this is due to the number of students who are enrolled to study that module who live in that area. Although it may feel frustrating if tutorials are not very local to you, remember if it’s not possible for you to travel to one, you’ll have online alternatives available.

Tutorials usually last 2–3 hours, and sometimes there are longer sessions, usually called day-schools.

The details of the location, along with parking and other access information, are provided on the tutorial booking page. You’ll need to make your own travel arrangements. You should try to arrive about 10 minutes before the tutorial start time, so that you can get settled and the tutorial can get going on time. It’s worth checking the details of the venue to see if there are any shops nearby or a drinks machine on the premises, so you can bring any refreshments if you need to.

Do remember it’s not like a formal lesson at school! No need to worry about what you wear – just be comfortable. And you’re not there to be tested!

It’s a good idea to have some of your study materials with you. Your tutor will usually tell you which ones to bring. Also bring pens, paper, and for some subjects, a calculator. If you have a tablet or smartphone, it may be helpful to bring that too.

Watch two students talk about their experiences of attending tutorials in the following video.

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Activity 2 Booking tutorials

Timing: Allow about 10 minutes

You can only complete this activity when your tutorials list has been issued.

If you’re completing this course more than three weeks before the start date of your module, skip this for now and make a note to come back later and check for tutorials. You will also get an email to prompt you to book.

Go to your module website and click the ‘Tutorials’ tab at the top. If your tutorials list has been issued you’ll see it here. It is usually available around three weeks before the start date of your module, but don’t panic if it’s not there yet as sometimes they take a little longer to be confirmed. Do contact your SST if your module start date has passed and you still have no tutorials.

Identify which of the tutorials you’re likely to want to attend.

If you’re reasonably confident you’ll be attending, then book a place.

Remember, you can always review and change your booking (assuming there’s room) at a future date.

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Figure 7 Information on tutorials

Another way of interacting with other students and OU staff, such as your tutor, are the various forums. These are the subject of the next section.