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Figure 2 is a line chart. The horizontal axis shows years from 2006 to 2017 in intervals of quarters (in other words, three-month periods). The vertical axis is labelled ‘Index value’ and runs from a value of 60 up to 260. There are six lines on the chart, one for each of the following countries: Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, United States, Brazil and India. The base value of the index is 100 in 2010, so all the lines cross in 2010 at value 100. The line for Germany starts in 2006 at around 100 and starts to climb steadily from 2010, reaching about 130 by 2017. The line for Sweden starts below 80 in 2006 and climbs fairly steadily to around 160 in 2017. The line for the UK starts below 100 in 2006, peaks around 110 in 2008 and is fairly flat until 2013 after which it rises steadily to around 130. The line for the USA starts around 120 in 2006 and falls from 2007 to less than 100 by 2011, but has climbed steadily since then reaching around 130 by 2017. Data for Brazil and India is not available for the earliest years. The line for Brazil starts just above 60 in 2008 and climbs steeply to nearly 200 by 2015 but has been flat at that level since then. The line for India starts in early 2010 just below 100 and climbs steeply, reaching nearly 260 by 2017.

 2.1 Changes in nominal house prices