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Figure 6 is a bar chart, which shows the official distribution of UK household incomes in 2013-14, after tax and adjusted to take account of the number of people in the household. The height of each bar shows the number of individuals who live in a household that has a particular weekly income from the lowest group (the four hundred thousand individuals with a household income of zero to ten pounds per week) to the highest (the nearly two hundred thousand individuals with a household income of £990 to £1000 per week). The chart notes, but doesn’t show, the 5.3 million UK individuals living in households with incomes of over £1000 per week. There is a note of the mean income of £581 per week and the median income of £473 per week with arrows pointing to the bars concerned. The 100 bars in the chart are also divided and numbered from 1 to 10 alternating dark and light blue sets representing the whole population divided into ten same-size or decile groups.

 2.1.1 Averages – mean and median