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Session 6: Health and wellbeing

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Image shows two cartoon talking heads. Leah has two speech bubbles coming from her. One says: ‘I get fed up with mum telling me what to eat, I had years of salads when I lived at home, and now I’m independent I will eat what I like’. The other says: ‘I know what mum says is right, I don’t want to get fat, but it is hard to make salads and expensive, and much easier to go to the chippie’.

The support worker also has two speech bubbles coming from them. One says: ‘It is my job to help Leah live her own life as an adult, not tell her what to eat’. The other says: ‘I’d like to persuade Leah to eat more sensibly, but it’s more than my job’s worth to interfere because my job is to support her independence’.