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What about me? A personal development course for carers in Wales
What about me? A personal development course for carers in Wales

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Factors that can help or hinder you

Through their video and audio clips and their worksheets you’ve heard Claire, Christine, Suzanne, James and Alana talk about how they found it hard to do what they wanted because of some difficulties they had. They also talked about the help and support they had received; for example, in finding a job, being able to complete a qualification or going on work experience.

Reflection and discussion

  • Can you remember anything in particular that helped these individuals to achieve their goals?
  • Can you think of any difficulties they had to overcome?

Discuss this in your group or make a few notes if you are working alone.

Thinking about your life now, what do you feel can help you to achieve your goals? What things might make it difficult?

It can also be helpful to look at how you have made decisions and choices in the past, or how you have coped in difficult situations. This is especially important if you have made a few ‘false starts’ or things have not gone as well for you as you had hoped.

How do you make decisions and choices? For example, do you research the internet, speak to an adviser, friend or colleague, or contact local colleges or training organisations? Or do you decide quickly after hearing or seeing something? Your timeline may have helped you to see some points where, on reflection, you may have chosen differently if you had been better informed.

Have a look at what Alana has identified as factors that can help her achieve her goal and possible difficulties.

Table 4.2 Factors that can help Alana achieve her goal and possible difficulties
My goalsFactors that will help me to achieve themFactors that might give me difficulties
Becoming a hairdresser
  • College
  • My determination
  • Caring role
  • Learning difficulties
  • Money
  • Travel
  • Self doubt

And now have a look at what Christine has identified as positive factors and possible difficulties.

Table 4.3 Christine’s positive factors and possible difficulties
My goalsFactors that will help me to achieve themFactors that might give me difficulties
  • Get my son settled into college and get myself in the right position to move forward
  • Craft stall
  • Volunteering
  • Part time job to fund craft stall
  • College or university
  • Determination
  • Previous qualifications and experience
  • Desire and need for self-improvement
  • My son/caring role
  • My health
  • Finances
  • Travel
  • Keeping motivated if studying on my own

Activity 4.3 Thinking about my goals: factors that can help or hinder me

Timing: You should spend around 30 minutes on this activity.

Use Activity sheet 4.3 [Tip: hold Ctrl and click a link to open it in a new tab. (Hide tip)] , listing your goals and the factors that may help or hinder you in achieving them.


Go to Activity 4.3 of your Reflection Log. Once you have completed the activity, make sure you save the document again.

You will need the notes you made for Activity 4.2 about your goals. Write these in the first box; then list the factors that will help you and those that might make it difficult for you to achieve your goals. Your goal may be a new career, a course of study, learning a new skill or improving your situation – whatever feels right for you at this stage of your life.

Some of the factors that could help you achieve your goal, or the ones that may give difficulties, might be similar to those described by Christine and Alana in their tables. For example, both Christine and Alana identify finances as a difficulty and determination as a positive factor.