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Behavioural management

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This is a photograph of a ‘pride point system’ wall chart on an interior brick wall. On the right-hand side of the wall chart there are two columns of white rectangles, with ‘Pride Points’ written above them. The first column is made up of five similar-sized rectangles with two letters in each one: RG, RF, 1P, 1W and 2B. The second column is made up of six similar-sized rectangles with two letters in each one: 3T, 3CT, 4L, 4P, 5E and 6B.

To the left of the rectangles, in the middle of the board, there is a label with ‘running total’ written on it. Underneath the label is a white sheet of paper with four coloured squares arranged to make one larger square. Each square has a number in it giving the running total for each ‘house’.

On the left-hand side of the board there are four coloured house shapes. These are arranged in a square with a green and a red house on the top row, and a yellow and a blue house on the bottom. Each house has a sheet of paper to the right of the house with a list of names and numbers next to the names. Above the four houses there is a label reading ‘team points’.

In the top middle of the wall chart ‘pride’ is written in red and white wording.