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Photograph of a group of five children. Each child has a speech bubble with one word or term and a question mark, by their heads. Back left of the photograph a girl with blond hair is smiling. A speech bubble by her head says ‘EAL?’ To the right of this girl is a girl with dark hair, smiling. A speech bubble coming from her says ‘Dyspraxic?’ In front of these two children, to the left is a boy with short dark hair and a blue shirt. He is smiling and has a speech bubble saying ‘Aspergers syndrome?’ Next to this boy, in the middle of the bottom row, is a boy with curly dark hair and a red shirt. His speech bubble says ‘Autistic?’ To the far right of the photograph is a girl with long hair and a green t-shrt. She also is smiling and has a speech bubble saying ‘Dyslexic?’