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I lost my job six months ago and it’s been a real struggle to find a new one. This week, I’ve just been offered a new job. It’s in the countryside. I’m going to have to move myself and my family, but we’ve found a house we can afford to live in. I need a car to get to and from work. But I’ve got a very bad credit score because I’ve missed lots of payments because of lack of cash, so it’s going to cost me 20% interest on the loan and the repayments over 5 years are going to put pressure on us financially – but we can just about manage it. However, I’ve got a 3-month probation period on my job. If I don’t get the car, I can’t get the job. If I get the car and take the job but fail my 3-month probation I’m going to be in financial trouble and unable to repay the car loan. Sensible borrowing?