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This video is 7 minutes and 59 seconds long.

Deep inside – the motherboard and CPU.

The main presenter, Spencer Kelly, and two co-presenters, Dr Darien Graham-Smith and Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar, are standing around a table discussing a printed circuit board. Labels appear on the board showing serial and parallel ports, CPU, memory, audio output, USB and LAN connectors, BIOS, keyboard and mouse connectors, BATA connectors, IDE connectors, PCI connectors, onboard speaker, expansion slot and wiring. Darien removes the memory modules and Parisa places these next to the CPU on the diagram. Spencer then removes the CPU (small square card-like device with many pins on it) and the presenters discuss it. It is placed on the processor box in the diagram and discussed further.

The video changes to a view of the outside of the Intel building. Steve Cutler of Intel talks about how people use computers. ‘Horsepower meets brain power’ is displayed on the screen. A range of different processors is shown. A yellow and black warning sign indicating an area where there are electrostatic discharge sensitive devices is shown. A man removes a cover from the side of a computer and then takes the processor out.

The video presentation then returns to the three presenters, who discuss transistors.

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 5.4 Motherboard and CPU