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This video is eight minutes and six seconds long.

Opening the case – what’s inside?

The main presenter, Spencer Kelly, and two co-presenters, Dr Darien Graham-Smith and Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar, are standing around a system box discussing various computer components. Spencer removes the side and labels appear pointing to the various components, which are power supply, fan, CD-ROM disk, hard disk drive, battery, heat sink, memory, CPU under heat grille, expansion connectors and interface cards. Each component is removed and the presenters discuss the function of these from their own perspective.

The storage devices are removed and placed next to the memory box in the diagram created during the last video. Spencer unscrews the graphics interface card and its function is discussed. Parisa draws a diagram of the graphics card in the same format as the diagram for the computer, showing that the three units – graphics processor, memory, and input and output ports – are communicating with each other. The graphics card is placed on the diagram. The graphics card is placed by the input and output device box in the original diagram. A two-way arrow illustrates data moving between the two devices. The same procedure is repeated with the digital camera.

Spencer takes hold of an aerial at the back of the computer and pulls out the wireless card. The presenters discuss the function of this device. The card is placed next to the input and output box on the diagram and data is shown flowing between the two. Spencer then pulls out some cables that connect components within the computer together. Parisa places them on the diagram, showing how they connect the system together and enable data to flow between the components. They then discuss the case. A diagram shows fans turning and air flowing through the computer to keep everything cool.

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 5.3 What's inside?