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This video is eleven minutes and five seconds long.

The main presenter, Spencer Kelly, and two co-presenters, Dr Darien Graham-Smith and Dr Parisa Eslambolchilar, are standing around a table discussing various computer components in front of them such as the PC, a mouse and a keyboard.

Parisa draws a diagram on a piece of paper. It depicts a large square (the computer) with a smaller box inside at the top (the processor) and another box at the bottom (the memory). In between these two boxes to the right is another box (input/output devices). Arrows (labelled data control and address buses) go to the processor, memory and input/output devices.

‘Outside to inside – peripherals’ is displayed on the screen.

Spencer disconnects the computer from all the peripherals and hands the mouse and connector, keyboard and connector, monitor and connector each in turn to Darien, who explains how they work. Parisa does likewise. She places the connectors on the input/output box on her diagram. Data is shown coming out of the input/output box.

Darien and Parisa each discuss how the printer and connector work from their own perspectives. Again data is shown coming out of and going into the input/output box when the connector and the printer are placed near it. The presenters then continue to discuss standards.

A digital camera is then connected by Darien to the computer using a connector. The connector is then placed on the input/output box on the diagram. They then look at the mains plug and discuss its purpose.

The peripherals are placed next to the diagram and data is shown flowing between these.

End of text description.

 5.1 Peripherals