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This is a series of four email messages between Jon and Sue.

Message 1 says ‘Dear Sue, I’ve messed up by overwriting a file you’ve just edited. I think I’ve mended the damage, but could you check I did it right? Jon’.

Message 2 is from Sue and says ‘Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. Don’t do this to me. ;o)’. The ‘Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh’ is in italic font. When viewed on their side the final three characters, ;o), look like a face that is smiling and winking.

Message 3 is from Jon and says ‘Sorry’ in a smaller font.

Message 4 is from Sue and says ‘:o)))) The page looks OK. No harm done. I had a meeting at 8:15 yes 8:15 today so forgive me if I’m a bit grumpy. Sue’. When viewed on their side the first set of characters, :o)))), look like a smiling face with lots of extra smiles. The text ‘8:15’ is shown in a larger font both times.