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Available now: Exploring career mentoring and coaching

Updated Wednesday 7th November 2018

This brand new free course explores how mentoring and coaching could help you to develop your career – or how you could use your experience to help others.

Have you ever considered mentoring or coaching in a career context – whether you're someone who wants to be a mentor or coach, or someone who would benefit from the career support on offer?

In either case, this free course, Exploring career mentoring and coaching, will help you to take the next steps. It begins by explaining what mentors and career coaches do. The course will then demonstrate how skills like asking the right questions, challenging assumptions and learning to find effective solutions can make a significant difference in a wide range of situations and contexts.

Working through this course will show you how a mentor or coach can support career development. You will learn about the skills and characteristics of an effective mentor or coach. Finally, you will find out how you can become a mentor or coach when you feel ready to take on that role – whether that's now, or at some stage in your future career.





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