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Available now: Personal branding for career success

Updated Thursday 22nd November 2018

This upcoming free course will help you to make the most from marketing yourself or your business.

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The way you present yourself to your employers, both current and future, plays a crucial part in career success and satisfaction. If you get it right, it can enhance your profile at work, helping you to win interesting projects, promotions and the respect of your colleagues. It will also increase your chances of being the successful candidate at job interviews or attracting clients to your business if you’re self-employed.

Personal branding is a popular theme for online blog posts and articles. Individuals are encouraged to use tried and tested marketing techniques to promote themselves effectively to the world. However, care must be taken to ensure that the process doesn’t go too far, ending with you presenting yourself in an overly polished, corporate way that doesn’t truly represent what you have to offer.

This free badged course, Personal branding for career success, will help you to pick your way through the concept of personal branding, choosing tools and tactics that allow you to present yourself to current and future employers in an authentic and effective way. You’ll identify the key skills that employers value and learn how to present and evidence those skills appropriately, whether you want to raise your profile with your current employer or are looking for something new. You’ll also look at how the job market is changing, touching on the skills and application processes of the future.





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