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Coming soon: Risk management

Updated Thursday 8th November 2018

This brand new course explores the concept of risk, how it affects you or your business, and ways in which you can assess and manage it.

A photograph of several dice from some kind of spelling game laid out in a row. They have been used to spell out the word 'RISK'.

Risk-based decisions are commonplace in everyday life, from leisure activities and lifestyle choices to business strategy. This may or may not be something you already consider when making your own choices. Perspectives on risk can vary between people, who might subsequently be classed as risk-takers or risk-averse. Either way, it is important to understand how to gauge the potential outcomes – whether favourable or adverse  of taking a risk.

This free course, Risk management, will explain different kinds of risk, the role of probability in evaluating risk, and the steps you can take to handle it more effectively. This will help you to manage risk in your own life, and to incorporate risk management principles and processes into your business, in accordance with international standards. The course is illustrated throughout by real world examples from experts in the field to bring the teaching to life.

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