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Coming soon: Working in diverse teams

Updated Thursday 22nd November 2018

This upcoming free course will help you to consider and develop your team work skills – a key competency that's highly valued by employers.

It's widely acknowledged as a key skill for work, and plenty of team building exercises try to build it up, yet employers often cite team work as an area of development that would greatly boost applicants and employees. Why is this? And how can you learn to more effectively analyse and articulate your own abilities and experiences?

This free badged course, Working in diverse teams, will help you consider your experience of working in teams and the different roles you play in them. It will increase your confidence in marketing this key skill to employers as well as improve your ability to perform well in teams you are currently part of.

Whether you're looking to continue your professional development, or you're interested more generally in the topic of team dynamics, this course is for you.

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