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Leslie Budd on... technofear

Updated Thursday, 8th July 2010

Leslie Budd suggests that whichever sort of web is causing fear, the approach should be the same.

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Arachnophobia is a rational fear of spiders whilst technophobia is a visceral repugnance of technology.  What connect them are real forms and virtual forms of webs.  The strongest technophobia appears to centre on the internet.  For many commentators and businesses, this is the salvation of society.  But pagan resistance to technology by consumers is something businesses find baffling.  Each technology has its own believers and disbelievers, whether it’s the steam ship, the airplane or the railway.

There’s a fear amongst many, however, that we’re slowly becoming blade runners as the genetic code is cracked and a cyborg world is ushered in.  Yet every generation adapts to new technologies as the old becomes obsolescent.  Consumers, producers and employees are right to be sceptical of technologies however.  Whether they are call centres or smart phone applications, flooding the market with technologically-based goods and services may alienate customers.

The bottom line is that the belief that technologies will always sustain businesses is irrational as technophobia or even arachnophobia. 

That’s my view.  You can join the debate with The Open University.





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