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Money & Management podcast

Updated Thursday, 30th October 2008

What's the story behind the fall of HBOS? Who's watching you work? How do growing companies stay inventive? Experts from The Open University provide insight into the stories dominating the business world in the Money & Management podcast

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This series of podcasts was made available in 2008 to support a series of The Money Programme. There will be no further episodes, but why not explore the whole series?

Ep7. The death of the pub - a view from left field

As pubs across the land call 'last orders', we investigate the factors that brought them to the brink. We also consider the survivors - how are they bucking the trend?


(A text version of 'The death of the pub - a view from left field' is also available)

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Ep6. Getting the best deal

Price comparison sites are all the rage these days. When can we trust them, and when do we need to be cautious?


(A text version of 'Getting the best deal' is also available)

Learn more about personal finance:

Ep5. Surviving the downturn

What does the downturn mean for our property, our jobs and our dreams?


(A text version of 'Surviving the downturn' is also available)

Ep4. Retail revolutions

What drives changes in the retail landscape? Terry O'Sullivan examines marketing theories and investigates why no store can afford to stand still.


(A text version of 'Retail revolutions' is also available)

Learn more about marketing and retail:

Ep3. The hidden cost of home ownership

Is it better to own a house than to rent one? Why is renting so popular in France and Germany? Janette Rutterford brings fresh insight to the age-old renting vs buying debate.


(You can also read the text version of 'The hidden cost of home ownership')

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Ep2. The end of the credit affair

Where did all that easy money come from? And why has it disappeared again? Martin Upton explains the rise and fall of easy credit.


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Ep 1. HBOS – the demise of two giants

Was HBOS a victim of short selling, or did it weaken itself through its impaired business strategy? Martin Upton examines the evidence.


(You can also read a text version of 'HBOS – the demise of two giants').

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