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Theo on... getting celebrity endorsements

Updated Tuesday, 1st November 2016

How can you get a bit of glamour help your sales?




Theo Paphitis
There’s various ways in which you can have celebrities wear your product and endorse your products.  You can just give them one, and some will be quite happy with that, and they’ll just wear it.  And if they're photographed somewhere with it on, it’s good luck.  Alternatively, there’s others that you have to pay a small fortune to, because they're already wealthy individuals, who you want to wear your watch but also endorse your watch, also advertise it and be used in your marketing campaign to say what a great product it is and how they never leave home without it and everything else.  That costs a huge amount of money, because the sort of person you need to attract is already a well-known name and there is demands from other brands to be associated with that person.


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