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Updated Saturday, 1st May 2010
The English Brothers might face a problem if they're successful - as Theo explains, you've got to plan how your business will scale.

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Theo Paphitis
Quintessentially English are the English Brothers.  So they are the marketing plan, they are the product and they’re going to have to work incredibly hard.  Now of course that’s a big advantage when you’re a small business and don’t have fortunes to spend on marketing, because you’re doing the PR.  You travel around the country, you talk to people; you travel around the globe, you talk to people.  It’s cheap PR, cheap advertising, and it’s a way of people getting to a marketplace in a cost effective way.

Unfortunately, whilst it’s your strength, it’s also your Achilles heel, because you can only be in so many places at the same time.  Well actually for them you can be in two places at the same time because there’s two of them.  But the reality is as their business grows they need to adopt a different marketing strategy, and that’s going to cost money.  But I can see it from their perspective, while they haven’t got a huge amount of cash to spend on marketing and PR, they will do it, and they’re hoping as they go forward and as the business is more successful there’ll be cash available to go down the more traditional route of having their watches endorsed and marketed, which is actually in a luxury brand hugely expensive; it’s not cheap. 



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