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Choosing a human resources consultant

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Choosing a human resources consultant

Human resources consultancies have become invaluable to businesses looking for improvements and efficiencies in their operations. This free course, Choosing a human resources consultant, explores the issues surrounding how you might go about selecting and using a consultant, examining the risks involved in the venture, fitting the consultant to the task, setting fees and evaluating work. If you are in business and looking to hire a consultant, are a consultant yourself or are studying business at masters level, this course will be useful to you.

Course learning outcomes

After studying this course, you should be able to:

  • appreciate the characteristics of consultancy when viewed as a service offered for sale
  • as client, identify suitable contexts for using consultants
  • as client, identify, gather information on, and evaluate the suitability of competing consultants.

First Published: 09/08/2012

Updated: 11/02/2016