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Dominic Taylor on intuition vs planning

Updated Friday, 18th February 2011
"I'm fundamentally intuitive and believe a lot in my hunches"

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Well personally I’m fundamentally intuitive, I believe a lot in my hunches and instincts about things, whether it’s about people, whether it’s about situations, and uncertainty create those sorts of situations. So thankfully I’ve got a great team of analysers that can follow through with more detailed analysis.

So I think uncertainty can be destabilising and I think the starting point is intuition, which whether it’s an idea or whatever which then with further analysis allows situations to be solved. The launch of our products and services, most of those start with intuition. We felt very much with our, you know, basically, our core business is known for its retail network with technology deployed in stores, doing payments and other services in store, and we thought you know how can we solve this fundamental internet problem about how people get their goods.

Most people have that terrible experience where they get a card through the door saying we were here when you weren’t and actually the intuitive idea was to say well actually there must be a role that we can play here in the local shop which is open long hours, in order to provide a much better service for the consumer.

Actually we thought of the idea years ago, but the other challenge is trying to find someone to do it with, and actually we’ve only recently been able to do that. So the silver service launched about 18 months ago, but the fundamental starting point was intuition that we must be able to provide this service somehow in our stores.

Intuition or planning - or a mix of both?


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