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MK Dons manager Karl Robinson on leading a winning team

Updated Wednesday, 27th August 2014

As MK Dons hit the headlines beating Manchester United 4-0, find out what manager Karl Robinson thinks on how empowering your team is a crucial element of creative leadership.

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MK Dons sign saying Champions are made when nobody is watching. Creative commons image Icon The Open University under Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license “My job as a football manager is to give them all the tools … but it’s their job to pick the right one.” 

On Tuesday 26th August 2014, the leadership principle above uttered by Milton Keynes Dons manager, Karl Robinson, well and truly paid off with his league one football team thrashing the usually formidable Manchester United with a tremendous score of 4-0.

After enjoying their biggest win since they formed in 2004, it seems only fair that we give you some insight from the football manager of the moment and also some valuable games and courses on the business of football and successful sporting leadership:

Karl Robinson discusses leading a successful team

See how you'd fare as a football manager

Tips on managing a successful or failing team

Take it further - try a football management course





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