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Baffled by the budget?

Updated Wednesday, 8th July 2015

George Osbourne has announced the first Conservative budget in almost 20 years. Are you confused by the lingo? Try our content and get to grips with all things to do with money and the economy here. 

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If you've been watching the news recently, you may have seen George Osbourne parading a red box in front of the paparazzi outside number 11 Downing Street. This is the budget box, where the Chancellor of the Exchequer holds the details outlining his budget plans for the year. But what will the new budget bring to our society? What will mean for a personal finances? You may like to see what the experts think here. If you're struggling at all with some of the jargon and understanding finance, we can give you a variety of content to help you out with some of this. Select from the below to get started.

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