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Comparing COVID-19 with our climate emergency

Updated Tuesday, 6th April 2021

Professor of Earth System Science, Prof. Neil Edwards, talks to ecologist Dr Julia Cooke about the connections and contrasts between the COVID-19 pandemic and our climate emergency, and their impacts on society and the economy.


Professor Neil Edwards' research uses dynamically simplified Earth system models to understand processes and feedbacks between natural and human systems both in the past and the future. In recent years, working with colleagues from around the world, he has published pioneering studies on the role of climate and environmental change in the evolution of biodiversity, and in the extinction of early human ancestral species. With colleagues in the UK, he has also published high-profile work on the stability of the Antarctic ice sheet and on the economics of climate change, including the risks to global financial stability stemming from the devaluation, or stranding, of fossil-fuel assets in the transition to a sustainable energy system. In all, he has published over 90 refereed articles. Neil also led the production of the third-level Terrestrial Ecosystems Open University module and has contributed to numerous other Earth Science-related Open University courses. 






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