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Environment: journeys through a changing world: Track 1


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Genetically, mountain gorillas are amongst our closest living relatives, and also one of the world's most endangered species. Half the world's remaining population survive in the forests of Uganda. This album explores the challenges facing conservationists at Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. Known for its exceptional biodiversity, the Park became a major tourist destination when it opened for gorilla tourism in 1993. The problem is, because the Park lies in the heart of one of the most densely populated parts of Africa, it’s continually under threat from people, eager to use the forest's rich resources. The 13 video tracks on this album explain the ways in which conservationists are working to preserve the gorillas' natural habitat and develop quality of life for the locals. This material forms part of the course U116 Environment: Journeys Through a Changing World.

By: The OpenLearn Team (The Open University)

  • Duration 1 hour 1 minute
  • Updated Monday 8th March 2010

Track 1: Environment: journeys through a changing world

A short introduction to this album

Tracks in this podcast:

Track Title Description
1 Environment: journeys through a changing world A short introduction to this album Play now Environment: journeys through a changing world
2 Conservation for Whom? How locals and gorillas can inhabit the forest in harmony. Conservationists describe the down-side of the Fortress Conservation and the benefits of Integrated Conservation Development. Play now Conservation for Whom?
3 Gorilla Tourism Adaptive Management. Conservation workers describe how revenue trickles down to communities via job creation, extra trade, and a percentage of Park entrance fees. Play now Gorilla Tourism
4 The Positive Effect of Gorilla Tourism Eliminating Malaria. A doctor from Bwindi Community Health Centre talks about improvements in the locals' health and well-being. Play now The Positive Effect of Gorilla Tourism
5 The Negative Effect of Gorilla Tourism HIV and crime. A doctor from the Bwindi Community Health Centre and a conservation representative outline the problems that were created when soldiers and tourists arrived. Play now The Negative Effect of Gorilla Tourism
6 Contact with Gorillas Conservation workers explain how humans pass on disease to gorillas and outline the difficulties inherent in restricting tourists to a seven metre distance. Play now Contact with Gorillas
7 A Community with Habituated Gorillas Locals and conservation workers outline the benefits of tourism to Buhoma town. Play now A Community with Habituated Gorillas
8 A Community without Habituated Gorillas Buremba residents describe the conditions in their village and compare their lifestyles to those of the Buhoma community. Play now A Community without Habituated Gorillas
9 Habituation - New Tourist Activities Conservation workers describe the unique habitat in the National Park and the attraction for tourists. Play now Habituation - New Tourist Activities
10 Habituation - Advantages and Disadvantages A representative from the International Gorilla Conservation Programme explains the aims of habituation. Play now Habituation - Advantages and Disadvantages
11 What is habituation? The methods of habituation and the the advantages for gorillas – protection from poachers and more medical care. Play now What is habituation?
12 The Uganda Wildlife Authority The Executive Director explains how the decision to habituate gorilla groups to habituate is made and how much foreign revenue is generated though gorilla tourism. Play now The Uganda Wildlife Authority
13 Gorilla Politics Do districts without habituated groups put pressure on the UWA? Conservation workers discuss the political issues surrounding gorilla tourism. Play now Gorilla Politics
14 Criteria for Habituation Conservationists take into account the gorilla group composition, stability, size, distance from the Park edge and their daily movement. Play now Criteria for Habituation
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