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How the fish we eat makes it onto our plates

Updated Wednesday, 13th January 2021
Have you ever wondered how the fish you’re eating makes it onto your plate? Dr Vicky Johnson reveals several of the important stages of the journey, starting with the initial catch, to ending up at a restaurant or food supplier. 

How the interactive map works

Work your way along the images at the top of map, to learn about the different steps which are taken by fish once caught.

It all begins with the catch. Click on the red icon at the top left of the map, then follow the numbers in red to discover more about this stage and what happens for this process around the world.

Each stage has its own dedicated colour and locations are plotted on the map for you to explore. These are listed in the key beneath the map.




Key for the map

The catch: Follow the journey with the red numbers.

The fish is landed: Follow the journey with the green numbers.

Primary processing: Follow the journey with the yellow numbers.

Secondary processing: Follow the journey with the blue numbers.

Transportation of fish: Follow the journey with the black numbers.

Restaurant or other food supplier: This could happen anywhere in the world and there are no numbers for this part of the journey.


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