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Reducing your ecological footprint: Track 1

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Concerned about your impact on the environment? Interested in learning how to shape a more sustainable future? This album shows you simple ways to adapt your lifestyle and how to think globally. Five video tracks demonstrate how to ------ the ‘ecological footprint’ of your household, examine the effects of personal transport on the environment, and explore how your decisions as food consumers are part of a supply chain stretching across Europe and the rest of the world. They feature an energy efficient household in Oxford and pioneering work at the Eden Project and Mount Pleasant Eco Park in Cornwall. This material forms part of The Open University course U116, Environment: journeys through a changing world

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Track 1: Reducing your ecological footprint

A short introduction to this album

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Tracks in this podcast:

Track   Title Description
1 Reducing your ecological footprint    A short introduction to this album Play now Reducing your ecological footprint
2 Eco-Renovations    Reducing your carbon footprint at home. A couple from Oxford talk about the work they've done to their home in an effort to improve energy efficiency. Play now Eco-Renovations
3 Eco-Lifestyle    Travelling Light. A couple from Oxford describe how they commute and shop for food in an ethical and sustainable way. Play now Eco-Lifestyle
4 Building the Eden Project    Staff explain how environmental principles underpin construction on the site. Play now Building the Eden Project
5 Visiting Eden    Staff describe how they work to keep visitor's environmental impact under control. Play now Visiting Eden
6 Mount Pleasant Eco-Park    The founder talks about the construction of two of his buildings, using local materials and sustainable techniques. Play now Mount Pleasant Eco-Park




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