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Rough Science 1 Mediterranean: Video extras: Why Mike is a scientist

Updated Thursday, 27th September 2007

Mike Leahy reveals what attracted him to the idea of being a scientist, from the BBC/OU Rough Science 1 series

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I left school early and not strictly voluntarily. So I found myself a job in a garage when I was 16, but I’d already been working there since I was 13 so it was natural that I’d become a mechanic. And I worked as a mechanic for ten years but, partly as a bet with one of the fellow lecturers at the college of further education where I was doing some lecturing, I did an A level in biology and did okay, and as I was interested in the way things worked I went on to do a degree and did okay, and then the joke just went one step too far because I went on to do a PhD and did okay. And now it’s definitely gone too far!

Apologies for the video quality; this was originally published in 2000, an eon ago in online video terms.





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