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Seasons: Spring

Updated Wednesday, 20th March 2019

Spring is a time when new life begins: some species start looking for a mate while others give birth.

Spring is a time when new life begins. Many birds, insects, amphibians and reptiles start looking for mating partners and engage in quite elaborate courtship displays to attract a suitable mate. Small mammals emerge from hibernation and birds start to sing to attract females. Meanwhile, larger mammals that have mated in autumn give birth to their young. And all this happens against a backdrop of flowering plants in bloom.

Explore the wonders of new life with our spring-themed carousel below.

Seasons: Spring carousel

Boxing hares, mating calls, elaborate dances and newborn mammals are all signs that spring has sprung.

Spring is a time when new life begins. Copyright Ruud Glasbergen | Find the latest spring observations. Learn more about wildlife, share your interest with a friendly community and get help identifying what you have seen. Copyright iSpot Flowers bloom thanks to the help of many insects.
Copyright Gjs | Many species get to meet their new arrivals after successful breeding in the previous autumn.
Copyright Brett Critchley |
Copyright Background: Nielsveith |

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