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Seasons: Summer

Updated Friday, 25th January 2013

Summer is a time when the ecological community is at its most vibrant.

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Summer is a period of peak activity for many species. Warm weather (and occasional rain!) promotes growth in plants with subsequent flowering and fruiting. Insects feeding on the plants also benefit from warm conditions and, in turn, provide food for other insects, mammals and birds, including summer visitors such as swallows.

Explore the sunshine season with our summer-themed carousel below.


Much of nature is taking to the skies but dragonflies are the real icons of this season.

Find the latest summer observations. Learn more about wildlife, share your interest with a friendly community and get help identifying what you have seen. Copyright iSpot A small selection of the rich variety of flower visiting insects.
Copyright Fototdietrich | You know summer has arrived when you see these charismatic species.
Copyright Sppepper | Look a little closer and you might see some of these specialists in action.
Copyright Musat Christian |
Copyright Background: Wenani |

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