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Secrets of Our Living Planet

Updated Sunday, 17th June 2012

Explore the twists and connections of natural life in four different habitats around the United Kingdom.

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Life’s intricate connections

Meadow fritillaria in full bloom with church in background Copyrighted  image Icon Copyright: Mike Dodd In the new BBC2 TV series, Secrets of our Living Planet, first broadcast on 17 June 2012, Chris Packham poses some intriguing questions about the exquisite and unexpected connections between organisms in four different habitats around the globe. Why, for example, does the lynx need the caterpillar in Canadian forests?

In the United Kingdom there are also fascinating examples of unexpected and intriguing links. Explore some of these here on OpenLearn in four habitat groups: urban, coastal, meadow and woodland.

When you're out, take a closer look at our rich wildlife habitats. Why not record your observations and share them via the iSpot website? Follow the links in each habitat and contribute to our knowledge about the distribution of different species.





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