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Chris Packham introduces Creative Climate

Updated Thursday, 7th April 2011

Nature television presenter Chris Packham explains the mission behind the 10-year project, Creative Climate

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Chris Packham
The Open University’s Creative Climate project is a global dairy that’s going to run for the next ten years, showing how we as a species understand and respond to dramatic environmental change.  Now arguably the next ten years could be the most important in human history.  We’re faced with choices; we could carry on drastically damaging the atmosphere, and this could have massive repercussions for the way that we live on the planet.  It could also lead to mass extinction of other species, or another choice is that we find a far less damaging path, an alternative way where we survive far more comfortably.  And what Creative Climate wants to do is recognise human creativity.  We have that aptitude to respond to these climate changes and make a positive difference, and we want to document it.  So how do you get involved?  Well the first thing you could do is post a dairy, either a written one or a video one on the website.  I've already posted my own video diary there, and you can check it out.  But over the next decade what we want to do is to build up a great resource, a fantastic document which will illustrate how we as a species are understanding and tackling a period of dramatic environmental change.






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