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Kalogha Alpha's story

Updated Thursday 29th July 2010

Explore the personal side of climate change with Kalogha Alpha's diary entry.

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Name: Kalogha Alpha
Organisation: German Watch

What first triggered your interest in environmental issues?

Adaptation becasue i am an African and adaptation is not an option. Climate change is already happening and we must adapt.

What are you working on, concerned by, or motivated by at the moment?

I am working on Adaptation. I attend adapatation fund board meetings. Analyse all documents from the board and through my organization, i disseminate the information to many people in developing countries on adaptation funds and the benefits of the fund.

What do you anticipate working on, or thinking about, in relation to environmental issues over the next 1 year, 5 years, and 10 years?

In hundred years climate change will play a big role globally. We are all affected by climate change at different levels. We therefore must ensure that future generations find a better place to live in.

How optimistic or pessimistic are you as you look at where we might be in 2020, and why?

I am very optimistic. We as NGOs have to play a big role to ensure that our delegates do not misinterprete the message.

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