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Updated Tuesday, 1st August 2006

When it comes to food, we are bombarded with choices. We consider some of them here

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What to eat? Which brand to choose? Should we shop locally or travel to a superstore? Which is best, pre-packaged or loose? Frozen or fresh? Organic or processed? Meat or veggie? The list is endless.

Is it always better to buy food that has been produced in the UK rather than somewhere overseas? Will shopping locally really make a difference in the grand scheme of things? Charles Couzens from the Foundation for Local Food Initiatives asks why choose local food?

When it comes to looking after the environment, how do we know which choices are the right ones? How can we modify our diets to ensure that they are environmentally sound? Is going veggie or vegan the way forward? Does taking the low fat option do as much for the planet as it does for your health? How green is your dinnerplate? Find out with our nutrition interactive, Your diet - at what cost? You will need the Flash plug-in to view this interactive.





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