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It's amazing what you can get used to

Updated Thursday, 5th April 2007

It's Easter, there's a storm and no chocolate.

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Since my last post the storm we were in zipped through and we started work again. Unfortunately after only about 14 hours we had to stop again – but this time for quite a serious storm. Very very strong winds and big seas. If you believe in things like the Beaufort Scale then we are currently in a force 10 with 50+ knot winds (>25 m/s) and 7-10 m waves bearing down us. There is nothing we can do except sit it out at the moment. I can't take any pictures because it's of course it’s the nightshift and winter so of course it's dark – but here is a picture I took on another trip of a similar storm. This sort of thing is usually pretty short and ugly so hopefully we will be back working tomorrow night but you never know.

Everything on the ship is secured and tied down for weather like this – even this laptop I am typing on. So whilst we get jolted all the time and tons and tons of water are washing over our decks nothing is moving. My dad was a merchant seaman and spent nigh on 20 years telling me to pick up my stuff and stow it properly. I guess he would be smiling now…..

It's Easter this weekend and by the time I am back in touch I should be at one of the British Antarctic research stations called Rothera  So until then have a great break.

No chocolate…. I still can't believe that.





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