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Predict the Weather Glossary

Updated Saturday, 21st July 2007

Some of the key terms associated with predicting weather

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Convection - In meteorological terms, convection is the transfer of heat by the upward flow of hot air.

Warm sector - The zone between the warm and cold fronts where the moist humid conditions persist at the surface.

Genus - Type of cloud.

Species - Cloud shape and structure.

Variety - Arrangement of elements and transparency.

Barometer - Measures pressure changes

Hygrometer - Measures humidity.

Weather vane - Measures wind direction.

Anomometer - An instrument for measuring the force of the wind.

Thermal energy - Energy from the sun and earth.

29.92 inches of mercury - Believe it or not this is the height of mercury equal in weight to the amount of air above you and this can be measured directly with a mercury barometer.

Relative humidity - Humidity is the amount of moisture in the air.





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