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Waste not, want not

Updated Tuesday, 7th June 2011

Isaac Mutisia Muasa and the Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group are not only cleaning up their streets, they are also contributing to the recycled plastics industry, generating youth employment and making the environment a cleaner and safer place

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Isaac Mutisia Muasa

Everyone should be involved in keeping his waste, his or our waste well, and making sure it goes at the right place. 

My names are Isaac Mutisia Muasa, and I am the Chairman of an organisation known as Mathare Environmental Conservation Youth Group, but we are known mostly as Pequeninos Football Club. 

What first got us in the environmental issues is the waste that was around this area.  Before there used to be a lot of waste, and also there used to be unemployment in the youth.  Now we are working on recycling waste management, where we recycle plastics and we also take care of the garbage.  We also crush the plastics with a machine, we then send the plastics to companies where they come up with final products like chairs, plates.  Through that we create employment amongst the youth, and that’s what makes us interested in environmental issues, because there’s more opportunities amongst the youth.  In the next one year to five years’ time, we are anticipating on coming up with more ways of handling the waste and also involving more youths, having more machines, coming up with final products so that we can create more employment and also we can handle the waste well.  And that will make us work well in the environmental issues. 

I'm an optimist.  In 2020 I'm looking forward to see a very clean environment and a place where children can play, a place where it’s safe for everyone.






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