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This figure shows different function areas within an organisation, and presenting questions and issues relating to the individual function area. This is a wheel shaped figure with six sectors. The sectors are connected with three axes with arrows at the end of each axes pointing outwards. Each sector has a heading and a number of questions.

Starting from the left top, moving in a clockwise direction, the first sector is labelled as “Systems, structure and technology issues”, with the 4 sub-questions underneath: How to structure the business; how to control and co-ordinate the parts; how to structure core and supporting business processes; how to design jobs and monitor performance.

The second sector is labelled as “Strategic issues” with the 3 sub-questions underneath: what products, services, markets; how to gain competitive advantage; what values to guide organisational functioning.

The third sector is labelled as “Marketing issues”, with the 3 sub-questions underneath: “How to attract new customers?; How to retain existing customers?; How to satisfy customers’ needs?”.

The fourth sector is labelled as “Human resource issues”, with the 3 sub-questions underneath: how to attract competent people; how to set goals and reword people; how to plan and develop careers.

The fifth sector is labelled as “Human process issues”, with the 6 sub-questions underneath: How to communicate; how to solve problems; how to make decisions; how to interact; how to lead; how to share knowledge.

The sixth sector is labelled as “Finance issues”, with the 3 sub-questions underneath: “How to improve the current finance function effectiveness?; How to attract and manage investment?; How to deal with merge and acquisition?”.

 3.2 Relating your work problem or change to key function areas