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A mindmap with ‘Stakeholders’ written in a circle in the centre. The circle has six lines coming off of it, which lead to circles that read: Board of directors, Development, Support team, Management, Professional services, Customer, Project leader.

Off of the ‘Development’ circle are two further circles: Development director (key planner) and Scrum teams (keep informed).

Off of the ‘Support team’ circle are three further circles: Project workstreams (key planner), Advice line (keep informed) and Technical support (keep informed).

Off of the ‘Management’ circle are four further circles: Marketing manager (key planner), Sales director (key planner), Operations supervisor (keep satisfied) and Customer service manager (key planner).

Off of the ‘Professional services’ circle are five further circles: Finance services (keep satisfied),Legal office (minimal effort), Personnel (keep informed), Strategic planning and change (keep satisfied) and Procurement (minimal effort).

Off of the ‘Customer’ circle are two further circles: Sponsor (key planner) and Product user group (keep informed).

There are no lines off of the ‘Board of directors’ circle.

 2 Refining your opportunity for change