A large textual legend (in Russian) runs along the top of this brightly coloured poster. Below it, the poster is divided into four boxes, each containing a different pictorial scene relating to the actions of women in pregnancy and childbirth. Beneath each box is a strip of text giving instructions (in Russian). The box on the top left shows a woman dressed in peasant clothes (red pinafore and red head scarf) visiting a doctor’s surgery. The woman stands to the right of the doctor, beside a table, and looks at the doctor intently, suggesting that she is concentrating on what he has to say. The doctor to her left is a man in a white coat. He stands behind the table and looks at the woman sternly. The table in front of him (and to the left of the woman) has a number of medical instruments on it. Along the back wall of his surgery is a table with a jug and basin (to the left) and a large chart (to his right). Behind the woman and to her right is a partially open door which reveals a waiting room. The second box on the top right is a pastoral scene. There is a flat field with a stream running through its centre. To the left of the stream is a hut with a straw roof. In front of the hut is a woman, heavily pregnant, and dressed in peasant clothes with bare feet. She is carrying a large bucket of water in her right hand. To her left is an animal. The third box on the bottom left shows a scene inside a peasant’s hut. On the left is a bed with a woman asleep in it. The bed clothes are made up of a range of materials, and straw pokes out of the mattress. Along the back wall of the dwelling is a clothes line with rags hanging from it. In front of the clothes line and to the right of the bed is a woman, dressed in peasant clothes, cradling a baby who is wrapped in swaddling blankets. To her right, in the right hand corner of the image, there is an axe on the floor of the hut, two chickens, and a goat drinking from a bucket. The fourth box on the bottom right is another scene in a dwelling. On the left a woman lies asleep in a bed which has neat and clean linen. At the foot of the bed is a baby’s basinet. Beside the bed, parallel with the woman’s head is a small table with a cup and jug. Standing to the right of the bed, and in the centre of the picture, is a woman dressed as a nurse in clean white cotton robes. She is cradling a baby wrapped in clean white cotton. On her right is another table with a basin and a clean white sheet.

 Infant welfare