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Figure 57 comprises 4 cartoons labelled 'a', 'b', 'c' and 'd'. Cartoon 'a' shows a young girl pouring a liquid into a jelly mould on a table. Next to the mould there is a plate with a car-shaped jelly on it. Cartoon 'b' shows two chefs. One chef is wearing oven gloves and holding a tray with a hot car shaped object that has just been baked. The other chef is using a roller to flatten pastry. Cartoon 'c' shows a man wearing dungarees sitting on a three legged stool next to a large car-shaped object that appears to be a block of wood. The man is using a mallet and chisel. On the floor next to him there is a wood saw and two more chisels. The floor around the man and the car is strewn with shavings. Cartoon 'd' shows two men attempting to make a large car-shaped object using smaller objects that look like fabric cushions. One man is assembling the car whilst the other is making a wheel shaped cushion using a needle and thread. The cushions are made from pieces with different patterns so the car is reminiscent of a patchwork quilt. Strewn around the floor are a pin cushion, bobbins of thread, a pair of scissors and pieces of material and thread. Next to the man making the wheel shaped cushion there is a pile of fabric pieces.

 4.2.1 Process