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This figure is a simplified map on which the migration routes of four birds are shown as arrowed lines of different colours. A green line shows the route taken by the brent goose, between northeast Greenland and sites in Southern Ireland and England. The route of the red knot is the long red line extending from beyond the northeast coast of Russia overland and in a southwesterly direction into northern France and then south along the west coast of France, Spain and Africa down to and around the Horn, terminating southwest of Madagascar. The migration route of the dunlin (yellow line) runs from beyond the northeast coast of Russia southwards as far as the southeastern corner of the Arabian Peninsula. White lines show the two migration routes for the white stork, both of which span parts of Europe and Africa. One route extends from northeast France down through eastern Spain to terminate in three short branches all within northwest Africa. The other, longer, route runs from two regions within central Europe, southwestwards through Greece and Turkey, then directly south into east Africa. The route then splits, with one branch terminating in central Africa and the other continuing down towards the south where it splits once more, the two forks terminating in Botswana and South Africa, respectively.

 2 Bird migration