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This is colour photograph of a reading room in a library. The room is large and airy. A series of lintels span the room from the front of the image to the back. Between each lintel a glass panelled roof dips and flattens out and then dips again so that it tilts downwards towards the left.

The lintels are supported on rows of stylised Egyptian columns. An elongated inverted pyramid sits on a slender shaft. There is a silver-coloured collar where the capital meets the shaft and a similar vertical strip runs down its length. A band of glowing green is visible on the tilt above the columns.

The walls are the colour of stone. They are the same colour as the columns. They are lined with rows of empty rectangular holes which alternate horizontally.

The room is built on several levels. There are two levels between each row of columns corresponding to the dip and flattening out of the roof above. Triangular wedges house the stairs that link the levels. A long ramp can be seen running from front to back to the far left.

Eight levels are visible in the photograph. Each level overlooks the one below. A narrow ledge runs along each edge. It is just wide enough to place a book. In the centre a woman can be seen standing reading a book that is on the ledge in front of her.

Each floor has desks and chairs. Some are single and others are arranged in groups of four. The desks have a large dark writing surface in the middle and are equipped with individual reading lights. Some of them also have computer terminals. Towards the back of the image on alternate floors, there are rows of bookshelves which face the viewer.

Readers sit at the desks and at the computer terminals. Others move around the room. The room is not full. In the bottom right-hand corner three people are using a help desk.

The floors, desks and bookshelves are wooden. The colour is uniform and resembles sand. The effect of the room is one of a tranquil temple set in the Egyptian desert.

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