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This is an example of a horizontal bar chart. The title reads ‘What activities did they engage in? (000s).’ The horizontal axis has a scale marked 0, 50, 100, 150, 200 at equal intervals. The vertical axis shows the different activities: equestrian, golf, cycling, angling, hiking/hill walking and cruising. A horizontal bar is drawn opposite each activity to represent the number of people engaging in each activity. The bars are separated from each other by a small gap. The length of each bar can be measured from the scale below although the length is also displayed at the end of each bar as follows: equestrian 29; golf 134; cycling 100; angling 83; hiking/hill walking 168; cruising 22. A dotted arrow stretches from the right-hand end of the cycling bar vertically down to the horizontal axis, intersecting the axis at 100.

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