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This diagram is a time series line chart.

It has ‘Index number’ on the vertical axis, running from 80 up to 120 in intervals of 5.

The horizontal axis shows the years, running from 2000 on the left to 2011 on the right.

There are two lines shown on the diagram, one labelled ‘Germany GDP’ which is in red and the other labelled ‘Italy GDP’ which is in blue.

Both lines start at 100 on the vertical axis. They both rise steadily, staying close together, to reach around 110 in 2007. From 2007 the lines diverge. The Germany GDP line continues to rise a little to 2008 and then falls to just over 105 by 2009, before rising quite sharply to reach 115 by 2011.

In contrast, the Italy GDP line falls to about 102 in 2009 and then rises but only very shallowly to just reach 105 by 2011.

The data source is Eurostat 2013a.

 7.1 Facing the competition