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Figure 4

This graph shows the pressure and temperature stability fields for the three phases of water.

The vertical axis denotes pressure in megapascals, from zero at the bottom left, to 0.2 at the top left.

The horizontal axis denotes temperature in degrees Celsius, from −50 at the bottom left, to 130 at the bottom right.

Ice, the solid phase, is shown as stable at the lowest temperatures, converting to water, the liquid phase, at a pressure of 0.1 megapascals and a temperature of 0 °C.

Similarly, at a pressure of 0.1 megapascals, water will convert to steam, the gaseous phase, at a temperature of 100 °C.

The triple point, where all three phase boundaries meet, is at a pressure of 0.03 and a temperature of 5 °C.

 2 States of matter